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VIP Women's Health by Ekaterina Fedosova,

$25.99 $57.00

year 2019 - 57 euro 

Help with nutrition, care for yourself,your body, thoughts, energy, female organs.

VIP Women's Health give you support for female energy, cycles,and fertility.

 The VIP Women's Health attunement is directed tofully support women, women's energy on planet Earth. 

Energy works to improve the health of women's organs:- chest,- uterus,- ovaries,- external and internal genitals,- work with the three lower chakras.

Energy is perfect for discovering, accepting, and being happy to bea woman, feminine in the true nature of female energy.

You acquire feminine power, harmonize the masculine andfeminine energy in you. 

Your wishes and ideas will beproductively in VIP Women's Health energy. this flow is good support in the treatment and healing of women's diseases.

Energy VIP Women's Health will help you accept your sexuality,beauty, and importance. 

VIP Women's Health will help with a sense of humor, ease of attitude to yourself and the world.

 You will respect and honor your femininity and masculine energy.

You can work with energy in quick activations. With VIP Women'sHealth energy you will discover luxury beauty in everything, youwill be able to create coziness and comfort. 

The energy ofabundance will always be with you.

VIP Women's Health will help in relationships with yourself and the world. Energy has a beneficial effect on conception, energyharmonization and helps to make the child healthy and strong.Attunement gives deep work on the issue of conception, facilitatesthe process of carrying a child and giving birth. 

You can do quickactivations, sessions, and charge items and rooms.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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