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Fluidity and Change Mystical Mastery - by Scion


year 2020

Working with these great powers teaches us to radically change how we move through our lives spiritually and physically.

These powers teaches us that it is always  important to  face up to any change joyfully throughout regardless of how many life-changing events we've experienced already.

 Sometime we may look a little odd to others  but  with better internal fluidity we can  life better our life.

If you work with these powerful energies your  current spiritual live will much  be enriched ,they  can help us find our true  way home also  in a spiritual sense.

These powers can teach us to pay attention to our own   origins ,can teaches us that sometime  it's also important to keep some aspects of our life secret,  to look within to find" our place in the world" and if necessary also can aid to return to our birth place or at the home of our ancestors.

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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