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Magic Moon Reiki by Ekaterina Fedosova manual in English or in German

$29.99 $60.00

year 2020 - 60 euro 

You will connect with the energies and magic of the moon,and the source of Reiki 

In stream of the Magic Moon ReikiThe power and influence of the moon and her magicpermeates the Earth, and the energies interact closely,both on the energy plane and on the physical.

All life reacts to the approach and distance of the moon,to each of its phases.The moon has amazing magical properties for people,affecting the rhythms of the body.

Magic Moon Reiki will help you bring harmony to your life,balance energy, health and your thoughts.

The flow will help you unlock your magical potential, as theMoon increases your intuition and reveals the Secrets ofnature and the laws of energy flow and their interaction.

Magic Moon Reiki is indispensable for magicians and thosewho work with magical esoteric attributes, objects and rituals-the flow will give protection and help increase thepower of your influences.

But remember, all negativity will be extinguished, and you  will not be able to use this flow to cause harm and damage.

Magic Moon Reiki will help people who want to touch theworld of illusions to improve the work with visualization and fantasy, you will be able to clearly and colorfully representyour fulfilled desires for manifestations, for theirimplementation in reality.

Magic Moon Reiki is perfect for cleansing and rejuvenation,increasing beauty, mystery and attractiveness, both formen and women.

For women, the flow will bring relaxing native femaleenergies that harmonize the feminine with the masculine.

For men, it will help to open of magic and improve the connection with the female beginning, which will allow youto become more sensitive to the Secrets of nature and energy.

Every person and living being will find in the flow of Magic Moon Reiki, what he needs -

• Healing and health promotion
• Strengthen and attract Finance
• attract partner• increase beauty
• discovering secrets
• connection with the higher self and the cosmos
• increased vibration• love
• the healing of disease• healing of blood vessels
• pain relief
• communication with the otherworldly and protection
• purification
• the creation of rituals in safe and much more.

Use energy intuitively.

 It allows you to open your soul,intuition and love

 you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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