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Celtic Soul Reiki by Amanda Hadley


year 2020 - 18 euro
It is recommended that you have some prior knowledge of energy work before receiving this attunement. 
 Celtic Soul Reiki is an Earth Energy, the energies are natural and healing, resonating with ancient Celtic wisdom and knowledge.  
The focus of the energy system is in bringing our own energies back to the earth, to natural healing, to the life force that runs through all living things, to the Earth’s vibration. We are of the earth, we are all connected, we are natural beings. 
The energies of Celtic Soul Reiki can help you regain a sense of wholeness, of reconnection to ancient wisdom and healing. In this modern, fast paced, technological world we inhabit, it can be all too easy to forget our true selves, we can feel disconnected, lonely, separated from our natural state of being. 
The earth energies of this system can help reconnect you to your true self and to all things, aligning your vibration to the earth and her healing energies. 
The energies call in the natural world, they reconnect us to the earth, to the vibration of all things. The energies help us to be grounded down into Mother Earth and channel the healing energies of nature all around us to promote spiritual healing and awaken our senses to the natural world, to the natural healing energies. 
The energies assist in creating wellbeing and balance, they can help bring peace, harmony and unity within and without of yourself, promoting spiritual awareness and natural healing of the self.

 you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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