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The Shamanic Hopi Stone Empowerment - Increased Vibration & Shamanic Guidance by Jay Burrell


£15.00  year 2020

Prerequisite: The Shiva Linga Essence

Shaman Stones are extremely powerful when they are used to re-align and balance the chakras as well as utilising their energies to clear blockages that build up within our spiritual body. 

When our chakras are not in sync with one another, spiritual energy is unable to freely flow through the body creating disease and illness. 

This can cause one to feel off balance, become lethargic, have no motivation, and lose a sense of confidence in oneself.

 That’s where Shaman Stones come in and help revitalise your entire energy system including your kundalini channel. 

Meditating with physical stones is highly recommended but with this system, all you need to do is point your finger onto the 3rd eye just before you enter into a meditative state then intend for the Hopi Stone to flood your etheric body with its vibrational frequencies. 

Meditating with this etheric stone will help strengthen your connection with Mother Earth as well as providing you with etheric nutrients, knowledge and vitality that they have to offer.

You will learn about the following and much more: 

 The Hopi Stone. 

 Working with the Shamanic Hopi Stone Empowerment.

 Shamanic Hopi Stone Functions. 

  Pulling Negative Energies from the Spiritual Body Function. 

 Shielding the Physical Body. 

 Increased Psychic Abilities. 

Removing Toxic Energies from your Spriritual Body. 

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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