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The New Energies of Archangel Michael by Jay M. Burrell


15 euro  - year 2019

The New Energies of Archangel Michael Energetic Functions

By using the New Energies of Archangel Michael you will gainmany benefits including:

A Stronger Connection with Archangel Michael.

Healing Awareness of Archangel Michaels Blessings.

Spiritual Protection from Archangel Michael.

Increased Guidance from Archangel Michael

.Increased Self-Confidence and Personal Power.

Increased Inner Strength.

Increased Spiritual Dynamics and Understanding.

Increased Psychic / Spiritual Awareness.

Increased Spiritual Vibrations.

Increased Vitality, Wellbeing and Wholeness.

Heightened Awareness of Spiritual Growth and Ascension.

Heightened Control of your Life's Direction

The blessings of Archangel Michael are endless and are very different toany other attunement that works with his energies. 

They are also openended which means that they are not limited to what you read within this manual. 

They teach you to be open so that you can experience thefullness of his teachings as well as the possibilities that Archangel Michael can bring into your life

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement 

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