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Archangel Gabriels White Portal Attunement - by Marijana Gabrielsen - manual in English or in German


year 2019

This is the ray of Archangel Gabriel.

 It is useful energy for meditation.

 Youcan use and benefit from this energy, whether you are a beginner or a spiritual teacher in the field of energy healing.

Before meditation, activate the energy flow by mentally saying “Gabriel'swhite portal ”, and the energy is going to help you see things about you andyour life mission.

You can use guided meditations connected to a life mission.

 Choose meditations by heart and intuition. Listen to the voice thattouches your heart. If you prefer to meditate in silence, it is also useful.

Activate this energy, and let the world be yours!

 Open your "spiritual eye" andsee a full clear what the future can bring to you. It is not“Fortune-telling”, it is showing your full potential and abilities. But most importantly, it will show you what your truly deepest desire of your soul is

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement 

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