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New White Priestess by Fedosova Ekaterina - manual in English or German

$15.99 $32.00

year  2020 - 32 euro 

The river of the New White Priestess comes from the
 newest energies, the eternal source, and carries within itself the old and infinitely renewed beginning.
You will be initiated into the most intimate eternal currents that change and in a completely new quality and with new opportunities come to you.

 We are the new ones Guardians of the earth, archangels and angels, we support these frequencies and we will assist you whenYou are enlightened and work in the stream.
You will activate all of your divine resources 
 highestchakras and chakras on earth, you will be from
 the latest magic and the highest vibrations be penetrated.

 This gives you discovery Understanding, peace of mind, appreciation, connection with the higher and the divine self.
 Healing the emotions, harmony of the aspects, you will
be able to experience the latest healing currents for yourself yourself and other people, animals, plants and spaces to carry by yourself. 

Get the Latest White priestess and heal yourself and everything around you around in full support of the universe.
you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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