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Magical alchemy door energy by Manuela Fasoli


year 2019


According to the myth of the Magic Gate, in a mansion near Rome, went a pilgrim, in search of a miraculous herb capable of generating gold. 

This figure disappeared mysteriously leaving at the entrance of the door three golden specks and indecipherable inscriptions, thanks to which it would have been possible to know the secret of the Philosopher's Stone. 

The inscriptions were then engraved on the arch of the door and even today it was not possible to decipher them but it’s said that Those who stop very much under this door increase their intuitive abilities .

 With this system you’ll receive this magick energy that will help you to improve your psichic skills and to turn your inner plumb (negativities,blockages,conflicts) into gold (high consciousness).

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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