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Kundalini Awakening & Mystical Meditation - by Scion


year 2018 

 Positive things always come up to your life! 

Working  with these great  mystical energies bring  great change in your consciousness,stimulates in the mind and will remove any blockages , will accelerates your spiritual growth and bring you  the highest consciousness for assist you to make changes in any sides of your life.

Are great energies to harmonizing your physical, etheric, and spiritual bodies,
they bringing balance and helps to centering all levels of your energetic bodies.,
will awaken and stimulates of the kundalini energy that  move up to the Crown Chakra in the top of head.

The raising of kundalini energy helps to open your mind and removed the self limitations, helps to build up your self-confidence and personal charisma, improves spirituality. bring your meditation to the higher level to moving you toward spiritual enlightenment

The connection to these  energies brings to boost your energy and your personal power and it also heightens any healing energies to the highest possible levels and speeds, useful for yourself or in your healing sessions for your clients.

Through meditation you can find much uses of these energies and feel guided , 
the practice is very important to develop the energies..

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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