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Crescent Moon Lunar Phase Essence - by Scion


year 2018

Crescent Moon: 

 The moon phase is very important , depending on the purpose it is intended to achieve one must operate in the right lunar quarter and any  type of ritualistic must be performed in harmony with the influences of this satellite.

Follows the new moon and  begins to show his sickle in the firmament.

 In the crescent moon all the rituals are performed that imply the growth of something or in any case an increase.

 It can be a love relationships that already started , an increase in money, a project already started that  struggling to grow up and more,but one should not think of the crescent moon as a uniquely good phase, since it also affects the growth of hatred, enmity, diseases or problems.etc.. 

The  good and bad are concepts that do not exist in magic and each element, depending on the occasion, can bring good things or bad things and the same is true for the lunar phases

The maximum strength of this lunar quarter is called the gibbous moon  and begins to be visible in the sky on the third day of the crescent moon.

 From the period of gibbous moon onwards, up to the full moon  works above all to complete a situation, projects, personal relationships and more.

Working with this essence you’ll be l more most connect  to this lunar phase and its influences .

Very useful in all  magic rituals or practices for you and  your clients

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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