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New Moon Lunar Phase Essence - by Scion



year 2018

 The moon phase in the magic is very important and depending on the purpose it is intended to achieve one must operate in the right lunar quarter and any  type of ritualistic must be performed in harmony with the influences of this satellite.

Despite  it is considered the growing phase that good and the waning the bad 
everything is related to a certain situation .

Also called moonlight because the star is not visible in the sky it is the period that follows the waning moon and precedes the crescent moon.

 In this period  is useful works all the rituals or practices that presuppose the birth of something new and that still does not exist., for example it can be a of love relation   of which the bases do not  yet exist, a new activity etc.. .

The  good and bad are concepts that do not exist in magic and each element, depending on the occasion, can bring good things or bad things and the same is true for the lunar phases.

 The beginning of the new moon is also the bases of works to damage someone, putting the basis of problems, obstacles, difficulties that must remain initially in the shadows ,betrayal, enmity destined to turn into hate, etc..

Working with this essence you’ll be l more most connect  to this lunar phase and its influences .

Very useful in all  magic rituals or practices for you and  your clients

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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