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Package - B - 10 Mix Systems


You will Receive distant Attunement Chi Ball and  PDF Manual English language with the necessary instructions, once it is prepared for you, chi ball not expire,   you can receive your attunement when you wish.

Although there are no substitutions and you have already received a few of the systems in this package this is a wonderful  proposal 

List systems NO substitutions

1- The Silver Violet Flame Saint Germain 

2- Dragon Ki Reiki 

3- Devic Templates by Antony Agee

4- Power of the Stars Energy by Sandra Henning

5- The Telepathy Empowerment by Allie Walton

6- Shamanic Empowerment By Johan Roelofse

7- Maya Reiki Master by Dennis & Fern Alexander

8-Dakini Reiki by Iona G.M. Winton

9-Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Healing by Shanti Johnson

10- Inner Sun Master by Jeanne Garner

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