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CZ Card - The Sacred Pathway of the Abundance -by Cuzco Artist Channeller



year 2018

These great energies channelled in the CZ Card gives us the message of the beauty that we can experience daily by connecting to the Earth Mother" with our roots".

They brings and signifies the attitude that we need to have to walk in beauty and balance,the represent the fruits of our labors, and they catches and brings  sacred pollen to give us great abundance in our lives.

If we think of our body as a plant and nurture it as we would a plant growing in the ground, we can both grow and walk in the beauty of life in a balanced , sacred way and a with warrior spirit that reminds us to keep balance in all the things.

In the life we need to be loving and giving but we can not allow ourselves to be taken advantage of. 

While we keep ourselves grounded and create boundaries from the   bad things of life, we must also freely share our inner beauty and our gifts of love ,we must open our hearts to those around us.and knowing when to close .

These wonderful energies  teaches us to trust with the strength of wisdom and more.

you will receive pdf Manual,CZ Card Image JPG and Chi Ball Attunement

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