La Via CZ Spiritual Healing 

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CZ Card - Magickal & Mystical Charisma and Authority - by Cuzco Artist Channeller


year 2018 

Are luxurious and very powerful energies ,magickal, mystical and fluid .

Working with the energies channeled in this CZ Card Image  to destroy  all that stands between you and your success you with great might, and influence on others. 

Are extremely strong and mystical energies that brings tremendous attraction force, great  financial success,  the love success, charm, luxury and sensuality into your life. 

 They wraps you with a tremendous magic ,gives you physical and mental strength,magical power ,gives you an unbeatable charisma and authority .

They aid you destroy  negative intentions  of your enemies and black energies of any kind.

you will receive pdf Manual ,CZ Card image JPG and Chi ball Attunement

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