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CZ Card -The Ghosts Portal - by Cuzco Artist Channeller -


year 2018

These Higher and  Magickal energies that i have  channeled in the CZ Card  The Ghosts Portal  they deals  with  the  world  of  ghosts,  magic and  witchcraft. 

They helps  clean  the  spaces  from  negative  substances  and  
out carry exorcist séances,   as   well   as   neutralize   negative   programs   created   with   the   help   of  witchcraft . 

They  helps create  powerful  protection for  the  persons  and  the  spaces. 
For working with a room  you  do  not  need  to  define  the  contaminated  zones,  the  energy will  itself  find  and  neutralize  them and If  you  need  to  neutralize a program  implemented  in an  object  remember do  not  touch  the  object!  

If  you  already have   been  working  with the  energies for  a  long  time  and  possesses  additional  occult  knowledge  you  he will  obtain  an  ability  to  contact  ghosts and protected  by these energies you not have to fear  that you  he  might  be  enslaved  by  them.  

These energies are very powerful and also  are  used  for aid at   returning  substances  to  their  dimension  and  for  forwarding  lost  souls to  the  other  world.  

 The manual contain information useful  for returning a substance to its dimensions and  for forwarding lost souls to the other world 

you will receive pdf Manual ,CZ Card Image JPG and Chi Ball Attunement

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