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Magickal Magnetic Glittering Sphere - by Scion


Highly magickal energy system !

These mystical and magickal cosmic energies have enormous properties,but only if you really know what you want you will also know how to work and become proficient in the whole specter of the effects of these energies.

These energies they do what you program them ,strongest magical power is released to change what you want to change in your life.

Working with these great  energies helps also clean the spaces from ghosts and carry out exorcism séances , they connects the occult operator  soul with the upper and the lower world, turning him into a guide between the worlds and more.

These energies can also be used  from the Occult Operator for creating a safe run passage  into the other world for the soul of a deceased.

If you have already a good  occult knowledge, protected  from these powerful energies  can contact ghosts etc.and need not fear that he might be enslaved by them.

One can only become proficient in the whole specter of the effects of these energies only if already he / she possesses appropriate knowledge in the sphere of occult world , magic and witchcraft.

Also you can clean your own karma, neutralizing your own magic actions in the past but later ending the work  do not forget to visualize a new situation instead the old one .

I do not recommend it to beginners also because though these great energies protects from all the negative,themselves sometime can be harmed  by his / her own fear, excitement, dislike etc..and then for this reason sometime in their rituals do not reach always all  the desired  goals .

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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