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Personal Conditions and Environmental Changes Elixir by Scion Manual in English or in Italian


year 2018

If does you not get accustomed to the new conditions the performance whether physical and mental declines ,if instead a person acclimates to the new conditions, be they environmental or interpersonal they are able to maintain or increase their performance in all areas of their life.

Sometime some people do not even realize why they feel unbalanced and can  they acclimate only after some time and  is the gap in time between  the changed and the time  that they  have good acclimatized that can be very bad .

Working with these energies helps for to accept, acclimatized and settle well at any change  in your life  whether it is climate of high altitude or a new environment or new climate if you travel for any reason and are not familiar with the environment or any other  condition in the life , to changes in work ,at  change home or  change in your relationships,financial and social situation etc.

you will receive pdf Manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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