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Mystical Fire of Health and Longevity - by Scion


year 2018

Working with these wonderful energies brings health and longevity   for you and your clients.

Create a strong connection with the universal powers, expands your consciousness and increases your awareness .

These powerful energies accelerates your cells regeneration , slow down the aging of your body and brings  you a youthful appearance ,you will have a greater  vitality.they strengthens your body immune systems,you will feel your body becoming healthier and stronger,your physic force and stamina they increase significantly and  you will quickly recovered after doing any activities or sports that has drain your energies.

Brings you the ability to gives multidimensional healing to yourself and others to aid heals physical or metaphysical diseases and restore all parts of the body to their optimal functions.

It may also awakening and developing any psychic and  magickal abilities within you, if you are ready are  great energies to heals any diseases from black magick attacks or psychic attacks.

They are energies  very helpful to maintain your overall health,may also stimulates your motivation to take better care of your body ,to have sufficient rest and the nourishment you needs. 

You will be  motivated to stay away from unhealthy food choices and  any dependency  that can damage and weaken your body.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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