La Via CZ Spiritual Healing 

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CZ Card - Access to the Source of Knowledge - by Cuzco Artist Channeller


year 2018

Go into this experience with the most dynamic source of light and access to the source of knowledge, this is simply a space-time shift, the higher vibrational frequency or higher dimension,you can always have access to the source of knowledge ,you can use for  see the light at different levels for the expansion of consciousness and you will experience that leads you to an unlimited world.

In the day that you do not aspire more to being better than another
person and you seek to become better collectively you know the harmony and peace, is the hour when all the veils of illusion is falling  and working with these energies gives you strength, courage, and confidence in all the things to come  into these vibration and resonance because nothing is what was and is ever lost, you'll always be able to look at everything ...if you're ready!

you will receive pdf Manual IPG Image and Chi Ball Attunement 

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