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Shaman visions mask by Manuela Fasoli


Many shamans,as you maybe already know, in many ancient traditions in some rites use to wear some special masks.

theese masks may be a strong coloured “make –up” or real masks like the ones used by tibetan,burian,russian or indian and some african shamans. 

Usually theese masks represent some gods or spirits.

There’re healing masks,visions masks,banishing masks and others.

 This systems allows you to call down and receive ,when you’re in  need, an etheric mask to have visions from the invisible world.

You can see the future ,a danger in advance or just the right way for you to take in yours or in others situations.

To use this system you have to fallow the instructions in the manual because this mask must be used just when you need and then must be taken off.
you will receive pdf Manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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