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CZ Card - I Moving Quickly in Other Worlds - by Cuzco Artist Channeller


year 2018

Moving quickly in the other worlds is a skill picked up by shamanists over time.

If your problem can be that you have neglect to put any endeavors in the spiritual work and they might be all talk, no action, or they might mean well at the
beginning,but subsequently tend to get distracted and to not connect with spirituality as a source of energy and commit yourself ,these  energies pushes those who practice visualization or shamanic journeying etc.. in the direction of performing these rituals more often for spiritual sustenance. 

With these energies you find great achievement if you work constantly with confidence

If you are approaching at these energies  think twice about whether you are able - at this time in your life - to 

These energies channelled in the CZ Card  can be an impatient teacher,I don't recommend that for that beginners or lazy people

You will receive  pdf Manual ,JPG Image and Chi Ball Attunement

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