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Primal Scents Empowerments and Attunements by Ramon Martinez Lopez


Primal Scents Empowerments and Attunements 

year 2013  

While most of the energy healing is related to sound and light, healing with scents are less known.

Here you are empowered to heal with scents in an etheric level.

Bastet literally meant, (female) of the ointment jar. Her name was related with the lavish jars in which Egyptians stored their perfume. Bastet, hence increasingly became regarded as the goddess of perfumes, earning the title, perfumed protector.

 Here you can call the universal energy or the infinite cosmic soul to be attuned to the healing perfumes and/or you can call the presence of bastet to be empowered to the healing perfumes and scents. 

Amber is called the Father (or King) of Scents.

If Amber is recommended specifically for any kind of disease or problem associated with the heart. The rose is considered the Mother of Scents.

  You interconnect your cells to the primordial scent to heal your emotional record.

You can use it for protection in your aura.

You can heal obsessive-compulsive behaviors, phobias, panic attacks and more. The Sexual response.

 Here you can empower scents, from essential oil or vegetal oils. 

You can use it by intention through your hands for direct healing combined with the other mantras.

 Uses Like reiki

you will receive pdf manual and chi Ball Attunement

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