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Uraeus attunement by Hari Winarso


year 2010

Uraeus is a mythic Egyptian snake.

  Also The snake is a symbol of transformation and evolution.

 The snake finds its place in the human body in the spine.

 The spine is most important as a nervous center but as a carrier of spiritual energy too, called by some oriental people Kundalini.

 It was a royal insignia and was pictured upon the brow of the kings and pharaohs. It was once called the "Eye of Ra" and was used as a sign of royal power, And Also had a protective function.

 Uraeii are Often seen in carvings and paintings defending and protecting the shrines of the gods.

 It Represented the fully raised Kundalini powers and its position on the brow and over the 3 rd eye chakra Indicates the psychic powers achievable through the correct and proper raising of These powerful energies. Raising the energies associated with the lower chakras or energy centers and up through the higher chakras Allows one to attain to Both state of consciousness free from the ego and the collective consciousness

. Once the Kundalini energies move beyond the 3rd eye to dwell in the crown, one has found "enlightenment" and this is Often depicted in paintings by the halo shown around the heads of holy persons.

 Serpents or snakes are always symbolic of energy itself, and here we are Reminded That this energy may be used for positive or negative purposes. 

Hence the wearer and user of the powerful psychic energies and forces generated through the Kundalini energy needed to be Both spiritually aware and disciplined in order to direct the energy in a positive and beneficial way and for the Highest good of all. 

The keyword here is "control". In order to manipulate energy safely, we have to know how to control it.

 Wisdom is not just about acquiring knowledge, but Also Involves the right and responsible use of energy.

 The Uraeus Attunement integrated and works automatically in your daily meditation

Receive pdf  manual in English and chi ball attunement

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