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Cosmic Networking Reiki by Tawan Chester


year 2010

 Cosmic Energy Networking helps you build a positive networks of people. 

This network of people can be personal associates, business associates or both.

 You may not need to work with your entire network on every project you undertake. 

The network remains available when needed.

 A person may not in your network He has what you need and he / she may not be directly  They assist you, but they may be  put you in touch with someone who can. They are  assist you in some manner When the need arises, I know remember each and every person in your network is valuable. 

That does not mean you must Correspond with each one on a daily basis, but You Should respect them and value them. If you find a person in your network is draining you or resources (time, energy, money, etc.), That person is too close to you and receiving too much from you. 

We are assisting one Prospective another along a path, not hindering one another's progress. TO network is all about building up one another and helping one another prosper. 

Cosmic Energy Networking can assist you in building a great network of people to work with you in reaching your goals

Receive manual in English and chi ball attunement

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