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Cosmic Blood System Reiki by Tawan Chester


year 2010

 prerequisites:  Do Not use this system or any system That I present to replace the medical care or attention of a regular physician, healthcare provider, or service providers. Reiki is used as a spiritual tool, supplemental or holistic aid and not as alternate medicines, care, treatments, or procedures.

These types of energy tools are faith-based in nature and work in a subtle manner but can address many different aspects of your being and life. Always Consult your Physician, healthcare, service provider or early When the need arises

The Cosmic Blood System Allows you to energize your body and Strengthen through the Ethereal Realm. This energy can be used as Often as one likes on oneself or others. The life of almost every creature is in the blood. Blood brings food, nutrients and water to the body and it carries antibodies and defenders as well. If the blood drains the life out of the body of the entity courses out as well. It is the vital life Within the carrying fluid being.

 This system has three levels: Blood Red, White Blood, Blood and Cosmic.

 The levels Should be received separately and in order. 

Level 1 Red Blood 

The red blood cells carry vital nutrients and oxygen Throughout the body. this level Focuses on all red blood cells Within the body. En Creates an etheric reinforcement with each red blood cell Within the body.

 Level 2 White Blood 

These cells defend the body against anything they feel is foreign and potentially harmful to the individual. Sometimes this can mean the medication you take to get better may get tagged by them. When That happens you feel sicker, develop other symptoms and ailments, or even regurgitate. This level Focuses on all white blood Within the body cells. It Also Creates an etheric reinforcement with each white blood cell Within the body.

 Level 3 Cosmic Blood 

These cells move energetically in and on the Ethereal Level. They bring the energy of the cosmos into the body to benefit the individual in a different way. These Appear Throughout the body as invisible (ethereal) blood cells. Often they reinforce the Red and White blood cells The cellular makeup for the Cosmic Blood comes from the Cosmos and Infinite Source. It has the ability to move and work Within the physical body, with the Aura, and multi-dimensionally. The Cosmic Blood level Also Appears To Boost levels 1 & 2. The cosmic blood cells will work to Enhance what the Red and White blood cells do

Received manual in english and chi ball attunements

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