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The Gates of Ra by Stewart Farquharson


 This is a reiki empowerment That comes to us from the land of Egypt.

 It brings cleansing and rebirth.

 Ra was the sun god and was pictured as a golden disk and as a hawk. He was the king of the gods at Memphis, Which is a town near the green fertile delta of the Nile river.

 He was seen as being born young in the east. Rising high above to His full strength at noon. And growing old in the west as he Descended. During the night people Wondered what Became of him. Tales grew around Ra's journey on the underside of the He would travel through several dangerous gates, past monsters and helpers, and finally attain rebirth. 

The first gate was the Shadow World of the West. Egyptians feared losing Their status. Their society ran on strict rules. The king, or pharaoh as the Greek historians named him, was at the top. Then came the scribes who could read and write and keep accounts, and the priests. And then the farmers and craftspeople. And last, the slaves. To go into the shadows, Ra had to give up His scepter and other symbols, and become just a person, like any other. 

The second gate led to the Water World

. Some people Ra said used a barge. Some thought he could simply swim. The waters of the Nile were what kept Egypt fed, but They run flooded the fields for six months. and dangerous crocodiles and hippos lived in the river. So Ra had to be brave, and move upon the face of the waters, and find His true course. 

The third gate led to the Sandy Wastes. Hungry buzzards and hawks watched adventurers get thirsty and lost. There were narrow canyons to confused Ra. Snakes darted in the shade.

The fourth gate led to a giant tomb, the Tomb of Osiris.

 Osiris was a good dead god of Egypt, who promoted fertility and decent respect for others. Under His tomb was a lake of fire. Above was a pyramid. Ra had to climb up its steep sides to honor the goddesses Isis and Nephthys. They Represented the healing of the female ancestors in this journey.

 The fifth gate was always a surprise. The two goddesses Ra plunged into a sacred pool, encircled by a giant serpent. And here he died and was reborn healthy and young and strong. 

The sixth gate led to Apep. 

It was a dark serpent from the old times, A killer. A terror. Ra had to face it, there was simply no place to run. And what helped Ra to defeat Apep? Ra had to look inside himself. For Apep was just the reflection of Ra's own grudges and anger and hurt and shame of the past day. Apep was teaching him to be clean. Isis and Nephthys would always help him in this task. And so Ra might wash, and then stand up again, to find Apep fading away in a field of lovely flowers and reeds, and sweet birdsong. All was good and beautiful.

From here Ra was said to "regain His Eyes", That is to see clearly. And from here he rapidly Traveled the rest of the way without difficulty and came to the Last Gate, the sunrise. 

The beautiful goddess Hathor might be waiting here with a palm frond of welcome, and her lovely smile.

 And so Ra was seen again, on the eastern horizon and humans were glad of it. 

 Receive manual in English and chi ball attunement 

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