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Money Pathways Reiki by Tawan Chester


  prerequisites : Money Matters Reiki is the first system in the Money Mastery Series.

 This series of energies work together to help bring money into your control. It helps to dissolve old thoughts, actions, and patterns That hinder your progression. These energies Also focus on creating roadways for money to as to you, helping you identify forms of money, formulated ideas & plans to bring money to you, and much more.

 Many people are on a different level and path and may not require the entire series. Each system compliments the other and opens a different aspect to explore. 

The Money Pathways Energy moves to create and stimulate routes in your Life That money can flow on. Money is all around you in various shapes, sizes and forms. You Should have a different combination of things sets place or moving correctly to bring about good results. 

You can be doing everything correctly That You know how to do, but if something is missing, you do not get the results you were working towards. 

Concerning the flow of money. There is always an ebb and flow When dealing with money. 

Make sure you give thought to: how much you circulate,When you circulate it, and what is the expected return for what you're putting out.

 You want to make wise choices .

You You should always know what your return is before you invest.

 You may not know it do not pinned to the exact point but your approximation Should be an educated guess so to speak.

 Meaning That You've Considered all the facts and your actions are not being fueled by emotions, hope, or dreams. 

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