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The Faery Flora Energies by Joanna Rowan Mullane


 There are no prerequisites for receiving this attunement Although some knowledge of Reiki energy or work is of course beneficial.

 This beautiful system has no symbols as it is an empowerment to the Spirit of twelve different Faery Flora's.

 When you become attuned to each one of flowers energies you will be incendio use its spiritual essence for healing, spiritual flowers creating elixirs and tonics, and for connecting with the Faeries and Their magick. 

Each Floras empowerment is given to you directly by the Faeries Them selves 

 This attunement deals with the Spiritual Essence Flora or Energies of the Faeries favorite Flora, meaning nothing from this energy system is poisonous or can cause you any harm.
Use to attract protection, abundance, divine dreams of the faeries.and more

Receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement 

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