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Love Medicine Mandala by Joanna Mullane


This empowerment part of the Medicine Mandala composed series from Mandala empowerment.

These empowerment act as activations for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. They work to purify and release you from any less than light energies, filling your Spirit with Divine White Light and then imprinting the Medicine of the particular Mandala you are being attuned to. The power these Mandala have on our subconscious minds is truly amazing. You may experience a sudden release of deeply hidden emotions while receiving these empowerment or you may simply feel incredibly loved and at peace. The intensity is often based upon what Medicine you need the most right now! These energies are passed onto you by the Archangel Raphael, the Divine Healing Angel. His presence is a warm emerald green light that illuminates and clears your Aura to allow healing and love to flood your light bodies. The empowerment and activation is a beautiful connection of Spirit and I offer these empowerment to you with love and light.

This beautiful system has no symbols as it is an empowerment to the Medicine of the Love Mandala. The Love Medicine within this empowerment was created to help one:

Love oneself fully and unconditionally

To live with only love in ones heart

Live life with passion

To open their heart to receive love from others

Open the Heart Chakra

Mend a broken heart

To let go of fear

Receive manual English, chi ball attunement,

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