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Ghob's Reiki by Alec And Debbie Summers


Ghob, which is also known by its Greek name, Boreas, is the king of the gnomes who are the spirits of the earth.

 He is often seen as an old gray-haired man.

 He is a strong and distinct person wearing heavy black robes and carries a magic sword.

 He brings safety and security to him. You will always know when he's around 'causes you feel a sudden blow cold air around you.

 E 'it was also seen wearing the clothes of ferns that were sewn together with cobwebs.

Ghob is more quiet and shy of the other elemental kings, but that does not mean you can mess around. He is stronger by far than the others, but he prefers to hide away in the woods so they do not come in contact with humans. If you want to work with him, you must first gain his trust by taking care of the earth, trees and woods that he protects. He is used to giving orders, and everything he says is short and right.

Gnomes are shy, just as their king, and are often seen in human form, sometimes as a small person, however, can also be seen as a small fairy-tale creature. Their voices tend to be rather shrill and often you can hear them talk quietly if you're in the woods at midnight. Gnomes work with the earth, crystals, flowers, trees and rocks. We are destroying the gnomes and elementals destroying nature and the elementals, the Earth will not recover. The Gnomes need to be loved so that they can recover their energy and continue their healing work of our beautiful world. Each gnome operates within a particular area and give objects such as crystals and flowers the energies of which there 'need to teach us to heal us. They work hard to keep us grounded. Therefore, if you feel a bit 'spaced out invites gnomes and Ghob to help you get back on earth.

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