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Angelic Citrine Essence by Gabriela Jasmine Szafman


by Gabriela Jasmine Szafman

The Citrine will Work:

Citrine is known as a "success" stone Because it is Told in folklore to

Promote success and abundance, Especially in business and commerce.

Citrine is one of the only stones That dissipates negative energy and never

Requires cleansing or clearing.

It Emits a warm energy That Promotes optimism.

Attracts abundance and it is known as "a merchant's stone" to be Placed in a

cash register or where one Conducts business, to not only acquire positive

wealth but to Maintain it as well.

It helps one adjust and Adapt to process changes, and feeling confident


Citrine's magnetic radiating energy can aid in voice projection, making this

the perfect stone for actors and public speakers.

Assists in acquiring wealth and to Maintain the state of wealth.

Citrine is helpful for directing creative energy into the physical body

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