La Via CZ Spiritual Healing 

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Multidimensional Healing Light Shower - by Scion Manual in English or in Italian


year 2018
If you have been led to this method then it is on your path and your soul is ready to receive these multidimensional healing.
These high energies have a multidimensional healing effect on your whole being, no matter from what moment or incarnation your energy imbalance arrives and what they are all the causes of energy imbalances they will now are resolved intentionally and permanently.

Let yourself be to cuddle by these high energies that always work and only for your highest good!

Working with these energies you will have the wonderful opportunity to take a multidimensional healing light  shower, go into the deepest silence in the calm of yourself and experience the bliss of your being.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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