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CZ Mental Abilities Amplification - by Cuzco (Teresa Rubiolo )Manual in English or in Italian


year 2018

These  energies  have a very strong amplification ability which aids one to be more decisive and incisors about what you manifest into your reality.

They will give you success, joy and love, allows one to let go of the fears and to fully accept the good that is coming their way. 

Working with these energies brings a more positive outlook to the conscious and sub-conscious mind ,enhances mental clarity, self-confidence and will power and eliminates all fears caused by the influence of others.

Brings you abundance ,prosperity,emotional balance,manifestation ,self-Esteem,enhanced creativityand  Intuition, enhances personal power, activates one’s imagination,removes and deflects negative energy of all kinds ,energizes the root chakra and heightens  your sexuality and sensuality and more.

you will receive pdf Manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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