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The Dark Purple Fire Elixir by Scion


year 2018

These mystical and magical energies are useful for all those who are challenged by events and circumstances of life, targeted by psychic attacks of all kinds, curses, intrigues by enemies and by all those who want to weaken you to make you and gain power over you and every kind of negative energy in any way and at all levels,

It is a defense and cleaning system that also works as a preventive measure, a magical protection that creates a powerful mystic aura that shines with dark purple light, an etheric shield of dark purple fire will surround your body, your physical endurance and your mental power is strengthened, they help you never give up, never stop fighting until all the adversaries and obstacles have been weakened and finally destroyed, you will free yourself from the attacks of black magic, from all the types of mental attacks, curses, hexagons, satanic forces, evil people, enemies and opponents 
they will never have again the courage to waste even one thought on how to take away your success by destroying your business and your business relationships or create problems in love, etc.

They are energies of protection, magical defense on all levels, magical influence, energetic cleansing, bring magical mystical experiences, psychic visions, stimulate psychic abilities and strengthen them, bring extraordinary power and personal authority, financial wealth, success, love, happiness.

These are excellent energies for professional magicians, they bring tremendous power and effectiveness to magical rituals

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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