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Clearing Symptoms Empowerment by Stephanie Brail


year 2009

 About the Clearing Symptoms Empowerment A common occurrence after a Reiki healing or attunement is that sometimes you can feel a little worse before you feel better. 

This goes beyond just physical symptoms at times: Life can sometimes become Let's go and let go.

 Clearing symptoms can occur because the energetic "toxins" that were buried have now been uncovered and are leaving the system.

 As they leave, we may see an increase in symptoms temporarily. These clearing symptoms may be a few days (generally for physical ailments) or a few weeks or even a few months (for life changes).

 Clearing symptoms may show up in the following forms: Physical: fatigue Feeling run as if getting a cold Getting a cold or minor flu Aches and pains Emotional: irritability Sadness Overly emotional / more emotional than usual 

Clearing Symptoms Empowerment Life Drama: Change of job Change of home / location Separation from friends and lovers (this is usually for the best as toxic people leave) Income fluctuations 

The purpose of the Clearing Symptoms Empowerment is to gently relieve the clearing symptoms and allow the healing to take place with more ease and comfort

 The Clearing Symptoms Empowerment may not remove all clearing symptoms, but it can help lessen their severity and / or make the transitions easier.

you will receive pdf manaul and Chi Ball Attunement

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