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Vanilla & Chocolate Sexy Potion by Scion Manual in English or in Italian


 year 2018 

Envelop yourself with magical chocolate energy and Vanilla, a very extraordinary experience. 

Are Sexy and Magickal Energies to help stimulate the senses and inspire creativity. 

Working with these sensational and sensual energies connects you to the magickal energies and essences of the Vanilla and Chocolate.

The energies are very powerful and can be used anywhere at any time and they can be used to enhance the energies of the physical vanilla and Chocolate to double its properties and effects whenever you use it,

These magickal energies  are useful for spells that have the purpose of promoting physical attraction, of giving the passion between two people or of reigniting it, they are for to be used in the work that concerns sexuality in general.

You are getting in touch with one of the prime forces in the universe, in some cases they will not give quickly you  that want you want and in other cases they will let you have it quickly. use these magickal energies  intuitively for more applications of use  you can be guided to do ,they are there to provide you aid and  guidance on your love and sexual life path.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement 

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