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Stonehenge Sacred Place Powers - by Scion Manual in English or in Italian


year 2018

Connect you to the Sacred Place and  to his the great  mystical and magical powers 

 Stonehenge over the centuries has been seen as a source of healing and much people  went there to be healed.
The Sacred Place has been used as a place of healing, a ceremonial site for druids and other neo- pagans, followers of alternative medicine , Healers etc. 

Every year rituals  place at Stonehenge on the plain of Salisbury during the summer solstice 

The structure are in stones, aligned one with the others, but also with the solar, lunar and planetary bodies that govern the energy consciousness and flow of our Universe.

 Working with these energies will help you  the to access Divine Intelligence for be more aligned , for cleanses karma ,balance  the Yin and Yang,helps to open our consciousness to more open-minded and our frequencies resonate in higher vibrations enabling access to shared information in the Archives Akashic, but not everyone will have access in a short time ,is up to you work on it if you are ready. 

Are a great aid in your Life path for be able to co-create your future, wonderful energies for improves divination, great aid  in  your magic rituals  ,useful for improves healing  in your healing sessions  and much more.

you will receive  pdf Manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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