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Artistic skills attunement by Manuela Fasoli


year 2018

This new system has inside  7  single attunements and helps you to find out,develop and better your talents and skills.

As you know our talents are a gift to open our wayhome,our right brain and our right brain is our door to multidimensional realms

.We can study,read,have knowledge,do reiki,meditate but  if  we don’t open our metaphysical door we can’t be the complete and aware being we’re bound to be .

Usually we’ve many artistic skills ,some of them are easy to use and recognize but other ones are hidden even to us because the firsts are karmic skills and the seconds are new gifts for this life.

Angels and Guides say that we  should use them all because these gifts,not only open the right brain, but help us in very many ways and help us to get in touch with all our inner parts.

In this system you’ll be attuned to: 

singing,acting,writing,painting,sculptin g,dancing and drawing.

you will receive pdf Manual and Chi Ball Attunement


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