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Energetic Quality Enhancement by Hari Andri Winarso

$14.99 $50.00

 year 2018   -$50

Energetic Quality Enhancement was channeled and created to helps you to increase the quality of something desired, but it may effect for every quality, even undesired as long as good and useful for you.

 Such as : increasing the sharpness of your memory, improve the quality of your work by boosting concentration, improve the quality and effectiveness of your physical training by stimulates every parts of your body (Organs, muscles, etc) to works more to makes 1 hour training with this activation are same as 2 hour training without this activation.

It is also useful to increase the quality and improve the effectiveness of your energetic and psychic abilities, such as : healing and cleansing ability, telepathic ability, etc.

It may also integrating with any other systems/modalities to boost and increase energy's quality of the systems/modalities.

you will receive pdf Manual and Chi Ball Attunement 

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