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Magickal & Shamanic Big Skills Flow - by Scion


year 2018

the last message of the ancient shamans in charge for me  is

take care of yourself and the planet otherwise the time when airplanes do not keep up in

flight is  near 

These energies a amazing power and intensity , brings the highest possible spiritual frequencies down into the physical world through manifestation,will assist in making the frequency shift essential for manifesting spiritual inspirations into the physical.

They grounds the etheric body more completely into the physical plane of reality,this will effect, both, the consciousness of the self and the consciousness of life force energy, any people dealing with perceptions of reality will benefit greatly from this ability to bring one’s focus back into the physical world. the ability to bring one’s etheric and astral bodies into better resonance with the physical body and the conscious self will effect one’s intuition and psychic abilities to enhance the clarity of all information received, this will enable one to become more consciously aware in comprehending any information being sensed from the astral body and perceived by the physical body, allows conscious mental comprehension of unutterable spiritual truth.

Are great energies for to those involved in channeling, card reading, mediumship and the like,

Enhances Earth Star chakra  and gives one the ability to survive in difficult situations ,helps integrate a Native American or other Old Native People way of living within a modern society

Are also an energetic talisman to banish anything unwanted , wards you off  the nightmares , powerful  in rituals to exorcise earthbound spirits from places,against mischievous fairies etc,, for clearing from spirits and negative energy from any environment .

you will receive pdf Manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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