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Hot Chocolate Elixir - by Scion


year 2018

These are a hot fiery energies ,a exciting magickal , a strong grounding and a fiery invigorating.

Working with these energies improve your external appearance, bring
rejuvenation, makes you incredibly beauty and attractive, give you a mysterious attitude, mystical charisma,erotic charisma ,love attraction,a fiery sex appeal and  irresistible and an extraordinary strong charisma, any people be fascinated and magically attracted to you. 

These  energies helps you avoid stress when you facing difficult problems, and acts as a mood enhancer when you're in a bored state .

Are a aid for building self-assurance ,elimination of discomfort,destruction of doubts ,solution of sexual blockages and more.

you will receive pdf Manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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