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Appetite Rebalance and Perfect Weight Loss - by Scion


year 2018

These powerful energies in particular  assist the people  that have weigth problems and requiring a healing for appetite perception, increase in appetite due to physical conditions and side effects of medications,emotional problems and bad habits etc..

They very useful energies to rebalance and harmonize the appetite in any case where is it which a problem with the 'appetite has led to weight gain and now the weight loss can naturally occur, self defeating patterns or beliefs negative eating patterns, any mental, spiritual or emotional blockages to weight loss success will be cleared .

Any Self sabotage patterns will be corrected and  be removed so that the body will stop storing the fat and begin burning it instead. 

Working with  the energies of the weight loss for you to be healthy and  feel good about yourself,  to help you loose excess weight in manner easier and quicker.

It will promoteself love and self care,  enhanced ability to relax, remain calm, sleep, eat properly and become aware of hunger and fullness etc..
 Are a hot energies that fat burning. energizes you to new strength, brings well-being and a sunny, radiant mind,strengthens your charisma ,generates a powerful sex appeal and more.
you will receive pdf Manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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