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Magickal Path Elixir - by Scion


year 2018

Are a  powerful magickal energies which will amaze you ,has been channelled without a specific target and therefore are useful in healing sessions,for magic rituals,  ,love, beauty, money, success, protection, defense  etc. 

These wonderful  magickal energies can be used by you at your convenience, but be careful because  have  great responsibility in your hands.

Some Applications:

To have beauty on all levels , body rejuvenation, weight loss ,a glittering aura of beauty and high charisma ,Seduction and  extraordinary sexiness.
Magic attraction  and love relationships  with  the dream man / woman 

To have Money and Success in any way and at all levels .

To have very strong, energetic cleansing and Protection at all levels 

Great  Magic Energies for opening of the third eye , development of psychic abilities, consciousness extension and contact with beings of light from other dimensions .

In general are an amplifier for the magic rituals ,Awakening and strengthening of occult abilities ,are energies very powerful and are suitable for people that are already going along the magic path.

you will receive pdf Manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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