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CZ Card - Love and Passion Elixir - by Cuzco Artist Channeller


year 2018

These energies contain and represents  everything that has to do with emotions and feelings, helps to attract emotional stability by making love come into your life and stay for a long time,  linked to emotions and the control of feelings keeps away the sadness, the jealousies and the uncertainties of love.

 These energies work in an introspective way, that is, they attract love for themselves because, in this way, they will attract the love of others,

If you do not love yourself, you can not expect someone else to love you because love starts with you and this is the strength of these energies.

When you emanate love for yourself, you become a magnet for other people and therefore  also you  to attract love into your life.

Are energies  to make love reach your life in a passionate way, it will attract positive emotions, a sentimental balance and will drive away sadness and fears.

 Great energies to stimulate the power of the mind, so it will harmonize with the cosmos and make you attract positive feelings, it also helps to make decisions, so it is very useful for  to determine if the love you have attracted interests you or it is better to let it pass.

Perfect powers for  all matters of love, useful  both to reawaken passion and to nurture it in couples and to keep burning the flame of passion in life, whether you're in pairs or not.

 In addition to the purely loving sense are also useful  energies to maintain a passion for life, for work, for projects that begin, and so on. they maintain the vitality, the emotion of living and manage to remove negative thoughts from the mind and are useful for removed Blocks and Anger, Forgive yourself and overcome Traumas, Bereavement ,Divorce Abuse etc..

you will receive pdf Manual,JPG Image and Chi Ball Attunement

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