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Maximum Fighting Skills Empowerment by Hari Andri Winarso

$14.99 $50.00

year  2018  - $50

Maximum Fighting Skills Empowerment was channeled and created to stimulate your subsconscious, activate the response mechanism and strengthen the power of WILL to win in a combat.

 It helps to overcome your self-limitations, release your negative feelings (Such as: fear, doubt, less-confident, etc), and then removes the instinctive option to flee from a situation and makes you only have one option ... Fight.

Maximum Fighting Skills Empowerment will strengthen your fighting spirit, also increases and expand all of your fighting skills (stamina, reflexes, strength and speed, etc)  in the most efficient manner.

 Maximum Fighting Skills Empowerment are very useful for Martial Artist, Martial Arts's Athletes, Security Sevice, Police, etc.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement 

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