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Gold Age Vibrations Infused Elixir - by Scion


year 2018 

 These  energies have an High and intense vibration and to assist in raising the vibration of humanity.

 They protects from negative effects of any energy that one may come in contact with,removed negativity on all levels and  activates the healing powers

Working with these energies enhances one’s access to portals of Spirit which are accessed through emotions ,can aid those who wish to become conscious channelers and  it will open pathways of inter-dimensional communication through of emotions.

 This is done by increasing one’s ability to access the meaning and truth behind their own emotions. 

  Connects  you  with  spirit-guides ,stimulates astral travel ,stimulates the gift of psychic hearing and other psychic communication gifts, facilitates shamanic journeying etc..

Activates all Chakras, especially Throat and Third-Eye and strengthens Heart Chakra energies.

Attracts  in your life wealth and success, ealth ,love  and all you want ...

 you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement 

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