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Black Magick Negation Empowerment by Hari Andri Winarso

$14.99 $50.00

year 2018 - $50

Black Magick Negation Empowerment was channeled and created to weaken or nullify the magickal power of others.

 It give you ability to blocking and cancel out the black magick powers of others, and also making them unable to utilize their evil powers as long as they are under the effect of this Black Magick Negation Empowerment.

Black Magick Negation Empowerment will also creates a Nullification Zone surrounding you, so everyone who have black magick powers can't utilize their powers as long as they stay within this zone.

 The default range of Nullification Zone is approximately 10 meters from you. But it still allow you to expand the range and strengthen the power of Nullification Zone by your practices -- The more often you practice it, the range will more expanded and also more powerful.

The Nullification Zone is also become your protection shield that will protects you from black magick, psychic attacks, and all forms of negativities.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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