La Via CZ Spiritual Healing 

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New Awareness Spiritual Guidance - by Scion



year 2018

Working with these energies  any daily you will gain a new awareness about the truth behind your personal divinity. 

Will aid in your spiritual development by showcasing the truth behind life and death, including every souls purpose whom exist for the purpose of learning from experience. 

These energies will not only aid person to awaken, but it  intuitively will offer guidance.

Guidance will be needed as the people will feel as though they are awake for the first time, with new perceptions and the feeling that they are immortal.

 Help unite the emotions with the mind and spirit. stabilize and balance the energy field, brings mental clarity and a higher level of peace. helps expand clarity vision, on the physical, spiritual and mental plane.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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