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CZ - Creative Skills Fireworks - by Cuzco ( Teresa Rubiolo)


year 2018

These energie have a vibration that is gentle, yet very enlightening, a vibration is which makes you relax and feel at peace,are a wonderful  aid to work with your natural abilities and talents recharge your body with creative energy

All people that  are  is involved in the arts world ,will find this energies to be highly beneficial, as it will not only enhance their creative abilities, but it will also bring out their spiritual abilities.

Helps you develop your inner clarity to allow creativity to blossom,brings you the confidence to express who you are in your art,helps for removed self-sabotage,  brings you imagination , inspiration and creation.

They will aid you in removing any blockages that have held back your creativeness and allow your inner-genius to shine through and prosper. 
Are excellent  energies for the Artists whose consciousness doesn’t seem to be fixated on the normal everyday materialistic reality.

Helps you main the emotional center to allow for  to begin living in the moment and  create the life you have always dreamed of.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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